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Cold Laser Therapy

The Theralase superpulsed laser system can penetrate up to 4 inches into tissue, to promote cellular regeneration at the source of injury. Laser energy helps to repair damaged cells by accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Depending on the severity of the injury, your patient can return to an active lifestyle pain-free within a few weeks versus months or years of life altering pain. Non-thermal laser therapy benefits patients including promoting wound healing, reducing inflammation, and reducing pain right at the source.

A growing number of private insurance plans also cover laser therapy when administered by a healthcare professional. Not only are laser treatments effective, they can be completed in only 10 minutes, making them ideal as additions to your existing patient treatment plans.

Physiological Effect of LLLT

LLLT is painless and is well tolerated by patients of all ages and conditions. During more than 35 years of clinical use, it has never resulted in a serious side effect. Therapeutic laser systems are athermic (no heat) and therefore incapable of causing tissue damage. As well, cells have a natural ability to resist over-stimulation, meaning it is not possible to harm tissue by overdosing, as long a you use a therapeutic laser that is used in the therapeutic window and remains below the Maximum permissible Exposure (MPE) of tissue.


Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy:

Efficacy rates up to 90%

Theralase laser therapy is safe, effective and painless, with results which are often immediate with no side effects. Efficacy rates in excess of 90% are routinely achieved.

Eliminate pain / Reduce inflammation

Laser light reduces swelling caused by bruising or inflammation of joints to provide enhanced joint mobility. Safely and effectively stimulates deep tissue regeneration and relieves pain and inflammation.

Non toxic / No side effects

Theralase laser therapy is non toxic and painless, with results which are often immediate with no side effects.

Non invasive and extremely safe

Theralase laser therapy is non-invasive, the lasers used for tissue stimulation are not strong enough to damage cells; so even if they were used 24 hours a day, they would not be able to cause any harm.

Faster wound healing and closure

Reduces the formation of scar tissue following damage from cuts, scratches, burns or surgery and allows the reabsorption of fibrotic tissue already formed through biostimulation of collagen during the remodeling phase of healing.




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