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Workplace incidents such as slips and falls cause many different types of injuries, which may or may not require you to take time off from work. Prompt Physiotherapy treatment will assist your recovery, so you may return to your full capabilities. In some cases, workplace injuries may be severe, requiring a hospital stay, surgery, or time off of work. At Total Care Health Clinic, we are dedicated to helping you recover. We work with you, your doctor, your employer, and your WCB case manager to help you return safely to work.

Our highly trained physiotherapists can help you recover from these injuries and to return to normal function in a safe and timely manner. We can achieve this through our many treatments.


Our physiotherapists focus on an active approach to restoring function, improving overall fitness and return to work. Whether your injury has occurred from a workplace accident or from overuse, you will find physiotherapy helpful to:

Strengthen & Stretch

Coordinate Your Return To Work

Relieve Pain

Improve Your Functional Abilities

Provide Ergonomic Advice

Provide Injury Prevention At Work


If you are involved in a workplace accident, it is important to report the incident to your workplace supervisor, and consult a physician. Your first physiotherapy appointment is then covered by WorkSafeBC and is helpful in speeding up the approval of a pending claim. It is important to be seen by our physiotherapists as soon as possible after a work injury to begin promoting your recovery.

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